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Truman Lake is the largest flood control reservoir in Missouri with a surface area of about 55,600 acres and a shoreline of approximately 950 miles. Major contributaries to Truman Lake are the Pomme de Terre, Osage, Sac, South Grand and Tebo. Minor tributaries include Webleau and Bear Creek. Harry S. Truman Dam is located on the Osage River about 11/2 miles northwest of Warsaw and was completed in 1979. The land surrounding Truman Lake is public land owned by the Corps of Engineers. The reservoir lies within the upper Osage River basin where the Ozarks meet the plains. Original Native American occupants of this area were Osage, Shawnee, & Kichapoo. The French trapped along the Osage and traded with the indians while naming many places like Pomme de Terre, Thibaut, Mormaton and Marais des Cygnes.